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Recomended Carbon Types for Common Applications
HVAC air purification SG6, SG6P, CE6, CE6P, ZK6, CK Blend
VOC emission control SG6, CG6P, CE6, CE6P
Soil vapor extraction emission control SG6, CG6P, CE6, CE6P
Tank vent emissions control SG6, CG6P, CE6, CE6P
Odor control SG6, SG6P, CG6P, CE6, CE6P
Air stripper exhaust purification SG6, CG6P, CE6, CE6P
Landfill bio-gas treatment SG6, ME-PH, SG-PH, CG-PH
Hydrogen sulfide removal SG6, ME-PH, SG-PH, CG-PH
Mercury vapor sorption SG-HG(K), CG-HG(S & K), CE-HG(S & K)
Ammonia & amines sorption G6-NH, G6-NHA
Formaldehyde sorption ZK6, CK Blend
Glutaraldehyde sorption SG6, CG6, CE6
Acid gas sorption ME-PH, SG-PH, CG-PH
Respirator canisters/cartridges SG6, SG-PH, G6-NH, G6-NHA
Impregnated papers/foams/non-wovens CG5P, CG6, SG6, SG6P, CG6P
Sewage odor abatement SG6, ME-PH, SG-PH, CG-PH
Solvent vapor recovery SG6, CG6, CE65, CE7, CE75
Organo radio-iodine sorption 4069
Desulfurization ME-PH, SG-PH, CG-PH
Ozone destruction SG6, SG6P, CE6
Cigarette filters SG6, CG6
Noble Gas (Xe/Kr) delay beds SG4
Carbon dioxide purification SG6, CG6P, CE6P
Automotive ELCD canisters CE7, CE75
Cameron Carbon offers an extensive range of vapor phase activated carbons and other specialty media suitable for a variety of applications. Both granular (GAC) and extruded (pelletized) products are available, manufactured from coal, coconut shell and wood. Specially developed chemically impregnated carbons and other media are offered for applications where specific contaminants are difficult to physically adsorb with traditional types of vapor phase carbons. We offer both standard and custom specified products in order to conform with individual application requirements. Products can be shipped in road tankers, bulk containers, drums or bags.

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