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TIP Model - Carbon Exhaustion Rate Model

Cameron Carbon can predict the effectiveness and capacity of activated carbon for a given application. Quantitative organic analyses are input to our proprietary computer based isotherm models (TIP Model) in order to estimate carbon exhaustion rates. This provides useful information for project planning, costing and treatment system sizing.

Example of Aqueous Phase Application
Flow (GPM) 1.00E+01
Flow(GPD) 1.44E+04
Days per million gallons 69.4

      Carbon Saturation Rate
Compound Conc (ug/L) Sorption (% w/w) lb/day lb/1,000 gallons lb/million gallons
A 2.50E+03 2.25E+01 1.333E+00 9.254E-02 9.254E+01
B 2.34E+04 4.89E+00 5.753E+01 3.995E+00 3.995E+03
C 7.80E+02 2.40E+00 3.905E+00 2.712E-01 2.712E+02
D 5.50E+04 1.22E+01 5.398E+01 3.748E+00 3.748E+03
E 2.22E+02 2.86E+00 9.326E-01 6.477E-02 6.477E+01

Example of Vapor Phase Application
Flow (CFM) 160
System Temperature (C) 20
System Pressure (mm Hg) 760

Compound Mol wt. ppm (v/v) Sorption (% w/w) Carbon Saturation (lb/hr)
A 102.03 1.00E+03 2.01E+01 1.36E+01
B 78.12 1.60E+00 7.86E+00 4.25E-02
C 147.01 1.40E-02 2.12E+01 2.60E-04
D 72.12 6.30E+00 7.61E+00 1.60E-01
E 72.12 3.00E+00 9.27E+00 6.24E-02

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