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Technical Assistance & Consulting
We believe that our responsibility to our clients is to offer the highest quality products for every application. We further believe that quality products must be backed by quality technical assistance. Whether your needs are for vapor or liquid phase filtration we can assist you in the selection of both media and equipment. Our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced in both commercial and industrial applications and can assist you in determining the most cost-effective solution to your specific needs.
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Technical Services
We offer extensive technical services with regard to activated carbon applications. Testing services for carbon quality and “life remaining” are available in order to assist the user in correctly maintaining system effectiveness.
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Spent Carbon Reactivation & Disposal Services
Spent carbon reactivation service can be arranged for bulk shipments, spent filters & adsorbers and in many instances adsorber inspection & repair can be provided as an additional service.
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Filter Tray Advancing Service
Cameron Carbon inventories a wide range of standard sized reconditioned filter trays that can be made available for advancing, thus minimizing your system down-time during maintenance.
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TIP Model - Carbon Exhaustion Rate Model
Quantitative organic analyses are input to our proprietary computer based isotherm models (TIP Model) in order to estimate carbon exhaustion rates. This provides useful information for project planning, costing and treatment system sizing.
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