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Cameron Carbon offers a wide range of both refillable and disposable panels & filters that can be filled with any combination of media to meet your specific requirements. We have a full line of front and side-access V-Bank style housings to accommodate our range of panels & filters. Also available are completely disposable 12” deep V-Bank filters.


Refillable Filters
RFF V-BANK One-piece filter designed to prevent bypass of contaminated air and provide high adsorption efficiency. The 24” x 24” x 8” cell contains 40 lb of activated carbon and operates at a velocity of 250 FPM. Recommended for use in heavier industrial applications.
RPF PANELS Refillable media panels. Available in sizes to fit all carbon housings. Refill on-site or ship to our facility for servicing. Wide range of standard sized reconditioned trays in inventory for advancing, minimizing down-time. Call to inquire as to availability.
V-bank design with a 1” bed depth. Filter dimensions 24”w x 6”h x 18”d. Use in FLH-20 front-access housing or custom side-access housings. Servicing and advancing of filters available.
V– bank design with a 3” bed depth designed for use at 250 CFM in areas with heavy concentrations of contaminants. Also available in a disposable filter.
Filter Housings
FLH-20 Front-access housing rated at 500 FPM offering high single-pass efficiency. Full-size 24” x 24” x 18” holds 4 MRM-18 refillable filters. Recommended for both commercial and industrial applications. Ideal where space is limited.
VBH-1000 Front-access housing rated at 250 FPM offering high single-pass efficiency. Full-size 24” x 24” x 8” holds 12 carbon trays and contains 45 lb of media. Half-sizes are available. Can be installed as either front or rear-access. Recommended for use in industrial applications.
Front-access housing rated at 500 FPM offering high single-pass efficiency. Full-size 24” x 24” x 24” holds 10 trays and contains 90 lb of media. Half-sizes are available. Recommended for use in commercial and industrial applications where heavy contaminant loads exist.
Side-access housing with a rated airflow of 500 FPM. Each 24” x 24” x 24” housing accommodates 10 - 1” deep trays. Trays are accessible from both sides of unit. Tracking on faces holds a 2” or 4” pre-filter. Recommended for use in commercial and industrial applications.
Disposable Filters

DFO HONEYCOMB ADSORBENT FILTERS: General purpose filter of honeycomb construction, manufactured in depths up to 6” in standard and custom sizes. Fill content ranges from 25% to 99% and can utilize activated carbon, specialty carbons and potassium permanganate media. Recommended for use controlling light odor and contamination in commercial applications. The 75% - 99% fill products are recommended for use in V-Bank installations or in air-handling units that can accommodate a higher pressure drop.

DCF HONEYCOMB COMBINATION FILTERS: Dual purpose filter that combines both particulate and odor control in a single unit. Utilizes the same construction and fill as above and has particulate efficiency ranging from 30% to 90% ASHRAE. It is available in depths up to 6” in both standard and custom sizes. Recommended for systems where space restrictions do not permit the use of individual odor and particulate filters.

DVB DISPOSABLE HONEYCOMB V-BANK: High efficiency disposable rigid box-type filter. Its design provides low-pressure resistance and minimizes retrofit cost. Filter will fit in all front, rear and side-access frames. It contains 21 lb of activated carbon per 24” x 24” x 12” cell and is rated for a maximum velocity of 500 FPM. Available in standard and custom sizes, the filter can be supplied with any media or combination of media. Recommended for use in commercial and industrial applications in both one-pass and recirculating systems.

VT-DVB DISPOSABLE BULK-FILL V-BANK: Suitable for both initial and retrofit applications in both front and side-access arrangements. The unique construction of the VT-DVB filter makes it suitable for use in areas of higher humidity and corrosive atmospheres. Revolutionary bulk-fill no honeycomb design. Contains 71% more media than the DVB disposable V-bank. Available in standard and custom sizes with or without headers. It contains 36 lb of activated carbon per 24” x 24” x 12” cell, specialty media is also available. Ideal for use in removal of molecular contaminants in commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, and many other commercial and light industrial applications.

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