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Adsorbers/Filters - Liquid & Vapor Phase

Cameron Carbon offers a very comprehensive range of adsorbers, filters and systems for both vapor and liquid phase application. Whether you are seeking a simple panel filter or a high-pressure deep bed adsorber system, we can fulfill your needs with a variety of standard and custom designed products.


Cameron Carbon can predict the effectiveness and capacity of activated carbon for a given application. Quantitative organic analyses are input to proprietary computer based isotherm models in order to estimate carbon exhaustion rates. This provides useful information for project planning, costing and treatment system sizing.

Having established the quantity and type of carbon for an application, Cameron Carbon will recommend an appropriate treatment system that offers the most efficient balance between capital and operating costs.


Planning the operation of a carbon adsorption system begins prior to adsorber selection and installation. This allows minimization of the costs of spent carbon handling and recycling. Cameron Carbon will address such issues as site location, system size, waste characterization, operator experience and adsorber type.

Spent carbons can be removed from the adsorption system for packaging and shipment to the reactivation facility. Alternatively, the complete spent adsorber can be shipped directly to the reactivation facility in order to eliminate waste handling at the treatment site. click here for carbon reactivation information

Cameron Carbon offers several spent carbon removal methods including dumping, vacuuming, gravity draining and pneumatic carbon/water slurry transfer.

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