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Cameron Carbon’s years of experience with activated charcoal allows us to supply the highest quality products & services, expert technical advice and competitive pricing.

Bulk activated charcoal manufactured from a variety of raw materials, including coconut shell, coal and wood, is available in a wide range of activities and mesh sizes. Our product line includes pelletized, granular (GAC), powdered (PAC) and reactivated materials. We also supply chemically impregnated charcoals and specialty potassium permanganate impregnated media for odor control applications.

Cameron Carbon can supply both standard and custom specified activated charcoal in order to conform with individual application requirements. Products can be shipped in road tankers, bulk containers, drums or bags. Well maintained inventories allow us to provide immediate shipment both nationwide and to most overseas destinations.

Cameron Carbon also carries a very comprehensive range of charcoal based adsorption equipment and filters including deep-bed vessels, canisters and air filter panels in a variety of sizes and configurations for both liquid and vapor phase applications.

Please note that the terms “activated charcoal” and “activated carbon” are interchangeable in the United States. However, in many other parts of the world, activated charcoal refers specifically to activated carbon manufactured from wood raw material. For consistency, the remainder of our web site refers only to the term "activated carbon".

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